It's hard to imagine that the deicing season is around the corner when it's late July and the temperature outside is 30ºC and you're sipping on a frosty beverage in the sun.

But the cruel reality is that it is, and within a few short weeks companies in Canada and around the globe will wake from their summer slumber and hastily begin winter preparations.

When SureConsult announced the new July 1st annual revision date for the SureOps Ground Deicing Program, the goal was to provide additional flexibility to our customers. The vision was also to start conducting annual train-the-trainer sessions earlier, to allow our customers additional time to get prepared before the fall shoulder season hit and hopefully to eliminate the panic.

Ta-da. We're happy to announce that for the first time ever, SureConsult has conducted a deicing train-the-trainer in July. And it's a new summer tradition we aim to continue.