SureConsult is pleased to launch the Hangar Anti-Icing Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for companies that perform indoor anti-icing procedures with Type III or Type IV anti-icing fluids.

The SureConsult Hangar Anti-Icing SOP has been designed as a turnkey subscription-based solution for customers performing such activities, meaning that it is fully owned and managed by SureConsult and amendments to the SOP will be issued annually based on changes to industry standards and regulations.

Furthermore, the SOP is designed to work in harmony with SureConsult's Hangar Anti-Icing Training Program, which is a 100% online training program designed for personnel performing hangar anti-icing operations. The combination of the off-the-shelf SOP and online training module provides a rigorous, cost-effective solution to our customers and a viable alternative to performing such activities inhouse.

For more information on the Hangar Anti-Icing SOP and Hangar Anti-Icing Training Program, please contact us at